for 40 years travelling
on two wheels

Choosing the Tecnobike brand means
immerse yourself in an entrepreneurial adventure
that began in the 1980s, it means rely on
a partner who has reached, during its evolution,
important technical records
in the world of two wheels.

The Focarini family, still owner of Tecnobike, begins
its path as protagonist with the brand MC
Motori producing the legendary Cabrera Moto and working in the
Suzuki technical team.

The business actions of the family in the following years have been numerous: from FOCARTELAI to ICOMEK Srl up to CICLOMONTEFELTRO, the company know-how expands and specializes becoming a valuable resource for important brands in the market such as Giannelli, Masciaghi up to propose to international markets

the “first single-tube frame”, created by Alessandro Focarini, brother of Roberto and Doriano who are today at the head of the company.

Alessandro Focarini

In 1990 Tecnobike SAS was born,

at the beginning it offers all its know-how with a catalogue branded COLUMBIA TELAI. Gradually, thanks to the consensus and the successes achieved over the years, Tecnobike signs its bikes, becoming today a partner of absolute technical strength and industrial maturity.

The Focarini family

Tecnobike expresses and explains well an entrepreneurial paradigm dear to the best Italian production tradition, what we could define as “High Industrial Craftsmanship Made in Italy”.

Without a doubt, passion is the binder that still defines the engine of the Tecnobike brand today, a dedication to the world of two wheels born first with Alberto Focarini and his son Alessandro and therefore today more active than ever, with the brothers Roberto and Doriano.

If the family is the heart and essence of the company, the project today boasts a strong and able industrial profile that answers to the most demanding international markets, with a staff made up of designers, technicians, assemblers and sales managers.


Italian Design
made in Tecnobike

This is one of the claims whereby Tecnobike guarantees safety, performance and solidity both to the distributor and to the retail market, as well as to every person who wishes to experience the world of two wheels.

A Tecnobike bike is first and foremost a product supported by a solid and reactive industrial organization, a product that satisfies every kind of need, of use and with mechanical, ergonomic and technical qualities perfect for every age.

→→→ Doriano e Roberto.


The brand
and the communication

In 2023 Tecnobike speaks to international markets with new communicative energy, a restyling which, before arriving at visual contexts, reorganized the management and conveyance of company contents and each product.

If the revisited company brand today enhances and respects its original visual identity, the current sobriety and greater regularity of its new lines intends

re-propose formal traits present in bike design in the lettering, obtaining a dynamic and at the same time sinuous and stable aesthetic.

Here, together with the brand, the new graphics and new multimedia documents, the new website also offers a digital catalogue full of information, organized according to successive levels of in-depth analysis and from a simple, immediate but also articulated reading of the company values.

It will be simple to know the value of each component and structural aspect of each product, just as it will be simple for each customer to make an informed and perfect choice for their needs.